Rage is the raw, emotional, yet at times surprisingly comic love story set against one of the most turbulent times in New Zealand history: the 1981 Springbok tour. On the third anniversary of Steve Biko’s death, the New Zealand Rugby Union announced they had officially invited the Springboks to tour New Zealand the following winter. When the team arrives one year later, New Zealand is torn apart, and the normally demure little nation at the bottom of the world is launched into a near civil war. 

In anticipation of these events Senior Police Officers ask a beautiful, brilliant young Maori woman, Constable Carol Keriama, to go undercover for the duration of the tour. She infiltrates the Anti-Tour Movement operating out of Victoria University in Wellington and ends up flatting with the leaders, Mick, a pragmatic Marxist, and Des, a witty idealist with a pirate charm. There is immediate chemistry between Carol and Des, and the two soon fall in love. 

As the tour progresses, attitudes harden, anger mounts and violence escalates. Tens of thousands of rugby fans watch the games behind razor wire and police protection. Outside the games just as many thousands protest, crying out “Amandla Ngawhetu” (power to the people in Zulu).  In amongst it all, the love between Des and Carol is put to the ultimate test, when to save his life, she must reveal her true identity.